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Nicolas’ Internship at The Bugo

Nicolas Charton came to The Bugo as an intern, all the way from France, to gain experience in our Sales and Marketing departments during August and September of this year, working across the brands on a number of campaigns.

Nicolas will be returning this October to Nantes for his fourth year studying International Business where subjects such as management, HR, finance, sales and marketing are all part of the course content.  Here is a Q and A we asked him on his last day.

Q: What was the best thing about working at The Bugo?

A: Since my first day I knew that my internship at The Bugo would be enriching. In only one month, I’ve learned a lot here!

Q: What was your least favourite bit about working here?

A: No doubt, having to deal with the Yorkshire accent! When you‘ve only learned English at school it’s difficult as a first, especially when you are speaking to people on the phone.

Q: What do you plan to do in the future?

A: I’ve spent half of 2016’s year abroad so I’ll probably stay in France in the short term. I need to find another internship for January and I think after my experience in Marketing and Sales here at The Bugo, I think I will definitely move towards a marketing career.

Q: Will you miss the lovely English weather?

A: Of course not! Although, I have to admit that since I arrived it isn’t so terrible!

Nicolas said “I want to thank all of you who have participated to make my internship here a good experience and one that I will remember.”




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