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Do’s and Don’ts

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    Use The Bugo to detect first signs of any Bed Bug or any other unwanted crawling insects. Take the Bugo everywhere you go, it's perfect for a good nights sleep when away from home.

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    Make sure that your bed head or sides are away from the wall even a small gap cannot be crossed by the bed bug, 1 inch / 25mm is perfect.

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    Pre-inspect your bed for any signs of bed bugs, look for fouling or blood spots on the mattress, sheets as well as around any joint cracks where they could live.

  • dont-1


    Do not let your bedding trail on the floor as this only acts like a bridge for them to walk up and get into your bed.

  • dont-2


    Do not leave clothes on the floor as the bed bugs may well take refuge in them and then they could be transported to another room, home or hotel.

  • Do

    Use The Bugo when you return home to make sure you know at the first instance if you have brought them back with you.

Note: Always hang your clothes or return them back to your suitcase / travel bag and use a bag stand with The Bugo around the base to prevent them travelling in your luggage. Bed bugs can live in the bed or bed mattress as well as within door trims, skirting boards, furniture, electrical wall sockets and any where quiet and dark. If The Bugo is used sensibly, there should never be a need to fumigate a whole house – only treat individual rooms with the problem.

» Do use The Bugo » Keep the bed head and sides away from the wall » Inspect your bed for any sign of bed bugs

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