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Stop bugs from going bump in the night

When we developed The Bugo we knew it would be a game changer when it came to preventing bed bugs, but recent stories in the press have highlighted a broader purpose that users of the device benefit – namely stopping a number of different creatures from getting into beds.

The case of Amelia Nielsen, from Bradford, highlighted how much pain a relatively small spider can cause if able to get into a bed. Amelia has been left with scars on her cheek after a suspected false widow spider was able to bit her in the night causing cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening infection.

While many people are now using The Bugo to prevent bed bug infestations, other insects and pests can also be caught in the device, including spiders, lice and, in extreme cases, cockroaches.

As part of the development of the product, a Bugo disc was placed on the factory floor and the results in terms of what was captured was pretty staggering. In just 24 hours we caught some 9 different insects in the Bugo – if it were in a domestic dwelling it would have prevented these pests from making it into a bed.

To find out more about how The Bugo could help keep your house, hotel room or university dorm bug free, contact us.

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