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Bed Bugs Reduce Value of Hotel Rooms By Up to $38

As a guest in a hotel, discovering bed bugs in your room can be an extremely discomforting experience but this nightmare is shared with hotel managers and owners. The numbers of hotel review sites make it easy to develop a bad reputation from just one mention of “bed bugs” in a customer review.  The impact of bed bug infestations on a hotel also has huge financial implications with research from the University of Kentucky revealing some significant findings.

Before this research, very little was known about the economic impact of bed bugs on the hospitality industry but findings demonstrate that the repercussions of having bed bugs in a hotel are huge, which has now been supported by recent news stories.

The research was conducted via online market research firm, Qualtrics and included 2,100 respondents from every state across the USA. Results showed that on average, a single report of bed bugs in traveler reviews actually lowers the value of a hotel room by $38 and $23 per room per night for business and leisure travelers respectively.

The findings also showed that when respondents were presented with various problematic issues encountered in hotel rooms, finding signs of bed bugs was the most popular reason for choosing to switch hotels.

Recent news has also demonstrated that the loss of trade is not the only financial damage for hotels to worry about when faced with a bed bug infestation. Stacey Belle from North Carolina suffered injuries from bed bugs after staying at hotel Red Roof Inn. She filed a lawsuit against the hotel chain and was awarded a settlement of $100,000.

The hospitality industry faces a real problem with bed bug infestation due to the high turnover of guests however; many hotel chains are beginning to take the issue seriously and can be assisted with the launch of The Bugo. Our innovative product will not only save hotel reputations but also guard against the loss of significant income.

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